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Our Story 


In 1980, there was an evident need for a Christian school to be established in the growing city of Banning and the Pass Area. Calvary Christian School was founded to create a school where academic excellence and strong Biblical values were foundational. Those traditions and values are still our driving purpose.  

Rich History


Established Excellence

For over 40 years, Calvary Christian School has been the school of choice for many Pass Area families.  We have a rich history of our students going on to excel at many different colleges and universities. With such a long and proven history, we now are enjoying many of our alumni having their children attend CCS. 

Exciting Future

We don't rely on our past, but rather use it to propel us into a bright and exciting future.  We are now in the planning stages of the building of our new gymnasium.  This new building will meet so many of our needs, including a full gymnasium, 6 new classrooms, locker rooms, and a larger auditorium for our school events.  

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